Gavin Rossdale On Why He Wishes Chris Cornell ‘Had Found A Way To Reach Out’


Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale recently wrote a tribute to Chris Cornell on Billboard. You can read an excerpt from the article below:

“Chris was a contemporary of mine. Obviously Soundgarden broke before Bush, but over the years, it’s been kind of a nice, easy respect for each other and cordial [work] as friends. I found him to be quite private, quite self-contained. So seeing him would be just talking to him in dressing rooms at different festivals through the years and having an easy time with him.

He was managed by Jim Guerinot, who managed Gwen [Stefani]. We had these parallel lives as parents with jobs as singers. That’s really dominated my whole thought process, just thinking of his family, his great wife and children. You wish he had found a way to reach out to whoever there was in his life that could help him.”

He also wrote, “What I like about Soundgarden was that they played this very heavy music with incredibly vulnerable and fragile lyrics. It’s the meeting of those two sentiments that create the alchemy that is Soundgarden. And he was such a plaintive singer, that’s what I love about him. I suppose he found solace in music and in singing, which I relate to.”