Dennis Rodman Reveals If Smashing Pumpkins Member Really Joined Pearl Jam


In a new Genius quiz, NBA legend Dennis Rodman was asked if Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin ever joined Pearl Jam. He said Jimmy didn’t.

“Jimmy. I know the lead singer Billy. Billy is Billy. Billy is a good artist for many years, and he lives in Chicago.”

He also discussed how Pearl Jam close their shows, and his love for Mother Love Bone.

“Rockin’ in the Free World, they normally end with that, I think lately it’s been Yellow Ledbetter, the last song, always called the go away song. (Hums Yellow Ledbetter) Get the fuck out!”

“Mother Love Bone, actually I have it on my iPad over there, I was listening to a couple of the hits before they ventured off.”

“You basically asked me questions you thought I knew of, as far as every day questions, but you didn’t ask me personal questions about their lives. Where was Eddie Vedder from in the beginning, Chicago, San Diego, or Seattle? I thought you guys would go in-depth like that, a lot easier to do that.”

You can watch the full Dennis Rodman Pearl Jam quiz via Genius below.