Gene Simmons Hits Back At Rumored Wig Photo


KISS icon Gene Simmons recently posted a photo of himself wearing a bald cap prosthetic for a new film he is appearing in, and another photo of Simmons wearing the bald head prosthetic has resurfaced online, with Simmons poking fun at those who believe in the false idea that he is really bald and wears a wig.

KISS Anthem Project tweeted a photo and said, “Caption this. I’ll go first: Turn off that light! I’m not wearing my sunglasses and the glare of Gene’s head hurts my eyes! – @shannonleetweed (meant in fun only) @genesimmons.”

Adam Freeman responded, “INSIDE SCOOP: This was shot the night we did a bald gag for one of our ‘…good to be me’ tags. I took this on my phone in their driveway and anonymously submitted to the tabloids as a joke – who picked it up.”

Simmons said, “Ok, for some of you Internet trolls, who thrive to making up garbage….here is the real backstory.”

Gene Simmons recently made an embarrassing Slash remark. Fans tweeted Simmons telling him the bald head prosthetic looks good on him.

“You look good with your head shaved.”

“Well, you look just fine with or without hair. I miss seeing y’all every week.”

“You look good bald!”

“I think you look handsome bald or otherwise. 💋🤘💋🤘💋🤘”