Gene Simmons Reveals Why The Beatles Landmark Is Horrible


KISS bassist Gene Simmons discussed The Cavern Club, the landmark home of early iconic The Beatles concerts, in a new Telegraph interview.

“Magical gigs don’t depend on great audio systems. They’re about the people. The Cavern Club in Liverpool is an iconic space but if you see a bad band perform there, it will be horrible regardless.”

He also said, “Anyone heading to Budapest should try porkolt and gulyas. They’re traditional Balkan dishes that I ate growing up. My family are originally from Hungary, so I speak Hungarian. I’m also fluent in German, Hebrew and Japanese, which is rare to find in America. Shamefully, I’ve found Americans to be less interested in the world than Europeans are. We have a very close-minded sense of what the rest of the world has to offer.”

“I don’t buy souvenirs; fans just give me presents. They’re never allowed backstage, for security reasons, but if we fly commercial they’re always at the arrivals gate, bearing gifts. Japan was the exception because there were historical kimonos hanging on the wall (in the hotel), and I liked them so much that I took some with me. Now they are displayed on the wall of my home in Beverly Hills.”