Gene Simmons Reveals Sad Truth About Rolling Stones


In the tumultuous realm of rock music, internal conflicts and clashing egos have often disrupted the harmony within bands. However, amidst the chaos, there exists a remarkable duo that defies the odds and thrives on their unbreakable chemistry.

As reported by UG – While the journey of Kiss has seen its fair share of internal struggles over the past five decades, no challenge has managed to drive a wedge between the band’s core members. Reflecting on their enduring partnership, Gene and Paul’s initial encounter may not have been the most harmonious. The enigmatic Demon himself candidly confessed to his past shortcomings, acknowledging that his early demeanor earned him the title of an “a*shole” in Paul’s eyes, leading to an immediate disdain. However, beneath the surface, an indescribable kinship emerged, laying the foundation for a fruitful and enduring relationship.

Gene stated: “I really feel proud. The best part was when I ran into my buddy Paul Stanley. We continue to have this astonishing relationship, and I’ve always been so sad when [John] Lennon and [Paul] McCartney and [Mick] Jagger and [Keith] Richards started backbiting. I mean, even Cain and Abel didn’t get along so well.”

In that interview with Piers Morgan, Gene Simmons delved into the depths of his bond with Paul Stanley, expressing his pride in their extraordinary connection, Simmons lamented the bitter feuds that marred the relationships of renowned pairs like Lennon and McCartney or Jagger and Richards. Drawing an analogy, he humorously pointed out that even Cain and Abel couldn’t manage to get along.

He continued: “It was always so sad to me, but Paul and I have this resilient sort of ‘brother-I-never-had’ kind of thing. And we don’t agree on very much at all, but there’s an abiding admiration and respect for the talent that he has that I will never have, and hopefully, the piece of the puzzle that I bring to it that he doesn’t have.”

When it comes to the undeniable chemistry between Simmons and Stanley, Gene affirms that it simply works. They understand that they don’t know everything, and their kindred spirits allow them to push each other to reach greater heights. Their connection transcends personal disagreements, enabling them to become more significant than they could ever be as individuals.