Gene Simmons Has Fire Accident At KISS Show


Gene Simmons accidentally knocked down a fire torch at a KISS show last night, as seen below.

Kiss members might think about time traveling to almost-century-old selves calling each other impulsively saying “f*** you” or calling the original lineup reunion “Piss” rather than “Kiss.” While we may never know that, we’re still fortunate to live in a timeline where this can happen.

In an appearance at “Shredd And Ragan in the Morning,” the original Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley looked back on Paul Stanley’s comment about how the original lineup performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be “Piss” and not Kiss, as well as his later comments about spilling “dirt” on Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

After a while, Paul’s very brief and unpleasant phone call came, simply saying “f*** you” to Frehley.

Ace Frehley reveals Paul Stanley was angry on the phone call

The guitarist was asked about it and said (via Blabbermouth):

“Yeah, he cursed me out. I don’t know. I guess he was having a rough day. That didn’t sit well with him. But he’s hot and cold anyway — sometimes he’s really sweet; sometimes he can be not so sweet. I just let it roll off my back.

“I remember in the first interview on Eddie Trunk, I said I was gonna reveal some dirt. But after speaking to a couple of close friends, and speaking to Eddie as well, they said I should really take the high road. And that’s what I did the second interview.”

However, Frehley also added:

“We’re all rock and roll brothers. And we still have a love for each other, even though I’m not working for them anymore.”

Talking to Eddie Trunk in the first interview, Ace Frehley reflected on Stanley’s “Piss” comments and said:

“You know what it is? It’s Paul’s frustration and insecurity that he has to use backing tapes. And we’re only six months apart, and I can still get up there and belt it out and hit the keys, and he can’t. And it’s very unfortunate.

“And I’m very sad [about] the fact that he’s using backing tracks. It’s cheapening the brand, which affects my bottom line, because I still get paid from KISS on merchandising and whatever else they do. And I’m pissed off about it.”

He also added:

“Those guys have been badmouthing me since I quit the very first time in 1981, 1982, calling me a drug addict, calling me an alcoholic, saying I’m unemployable, I’m undependable. And then, when we did the ‘Unplugged’ thing for MTV, all of a sudden I’m offered millions of dollars to come back to the band.”