Gene Simmons Has Sad Bathroom Accident On KISS Tour


KISS bassist Gene Simmons described sadly walking into the wall while trying to get to the bathroom on tour in a new Telegraph interview.

“I’ve been touring for 46 years. But my hotel room orientation skills are still lacking. I always wake up in the middle of the night and stub my toe or walk into the wall, having wrongly assumed the bathroom was in the opposite direction entirely.”

He also said, “I like to bring someone along with me on tour. I’m currently playing in Glendale, Arizona, but my wife and I are staying in Phoenix. The doors are wide open, the view is beautiful – rolling mountains scored by rivers – and the birds are feeding on nuts straight from our terrace. Beautiful scenery is made to be shared.”

Gene Simmons recently told Yahoo! 7 News that and fellow KISS co-founder Paul Stanley have their differences, and he can drive Paul crazy sometimes. “I’m peculiar,” he said. “I recognize that. I’m eccentric. I am all about myself. I love the sound of my own voice.”

Drummer Eric Singer described the relationship between Gene and Paul as “like Ying and Yang. A battery has a positive side, negative side, and together that creates the electrical energy that is needed for it to power something.”