Metallica Luxury Limo Will Blow Your Mind


Metallica members Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo have uploaded a short GIF from a jam session in their luxury limo. You can view the video clip below, where Hammett asks for a caption.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was recently interviewed by Forbes.

Steve Baltin: What is the one song for you that gets a room jumping?

Lars Ulrich: I would say in my circles, if I’m hanging with my crew, my peoples, it’s Oasis “Supersonic.” It’s got this thing where people just start singing along and kind of forgetting about whatever is going on. It becomes this communal thing. So many of their songs have that spirit where it becomes this communal exercise, but “Supersonic” is slightly above the rest of them.

Baltin: It used to be musicians teaming with brands, especially in rock, was taboo. Now that’s obviously changed. Talk about how you guys have been stretching out and enjoying doing that.

Ulrich: Obviously the music is the nuts and bolts and the music is the total foundation everything is built on, but it’s not limited to the music and I think that’s really something that’s changed a lot in the stigma, the attitudes, the way that people relate to cultural entities and creative entities.