Gene Simmons Tells ‘Bloated’ Rock Icons ‘Get Off The Stage’


Diss posted quotes from ‘very interesting interview’ with KISS icon Gene Simmons on 3Sods from this week on KISSFaq. Gene Simmons recently made a surprising claim about Mick Jagger’s weight.

Simmons said, via a transcription on KISSFaq, “Is it the last tour? It really is, and I’ll tell you why … I’m turning 70 this August. By the time the tour will be over, I’ll be in the 72 year age area. And that’s a good time. Have the grace and the integrity of getting off the stage at the right time. I’ve seen many bands and so have you that we grew up with that are on stage too long. Bloated, old and in the way, and it’s depressing. And I don’t want to see my heroes, you know, age, mother nature is the ultimate winner here, so you want to get off the stage when it’s right. Have the grace and self-respect to get off the stage when it’s time.”

Later, he seems to contradict the whole thing they’ve been peddling for years about how the “characters” can be played by anyone and that the characters are the important thing, not the people playing them.

“If I wanted to dress like Paul and wear ruby red lips with a star over my eye, I don’t think I’d be very convincing, because I wouldn’t believe it inside my skin, if you see what I mean. Likewise if Paul tried to be me, I don’t think so.”