Tool Member Rejected Tour For Horrible Reason


Tool members Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor have revealed that they rejected touring for awhile because they sadly did not want to see each other. A Tool member hurled a brutal and hilarious insult at a bandmate a few weeks ago.

Danny Carey told Kerrang Magazine, “We toured for five or six years after the release of 10,000 Days, and we’re not a band that writes while we’re on the road, and then we didn’t want to see each other for a little while.”

Justin Chancellor added, “Quite a long while. We were trying to come up with something and enjoy being around each other, and sometimes it fell apart. We went home and said, ‘I don’t want to see you until we play that festival.’”

A Tool member recently defended Justin Bieber. Maynard James Keenan recently told Joe Rogan why Tool took so long to come onto streaming platforms before the new Tool album Fear Inoculum was finally announced, “We tried that before, like, ‘No, no, we want you to hear our whole album in sequence.’ And people were, like, ‘Like you play them live?’…

“We’ve never played an album start to finish, but I’m not the guy that said, ‘Oh, no, we want you to hear…’ Yeah, and away we go, it’s out there in the ether.”

Keenan told Revolver magazine, “I can give you some broad strokes, but I don’t want to ruin the experience for you. I feel like that’s always an individual’s right to process things in the way they wanna process them, and I wouldn’t want to take that from you. But I can give you pieces. Again, it goes back to experience: I feel like this is [about] wisdom through age, through experience.

Hopefully through aging, you do find wisdom in some of the things you’ve encountered. Learning from your mistakes, learning from your successes. So if anything is a broad stroke of this album, it would be embracing where we are right now, acknowledging where we’ve come from and some of the things we’ve grown through.” A Tool member revealed last week that he wants Fear Inoculum to be the band’s final album.