Ghost Singer Tobias Forge Bad School Grades Revealed


Ghost frontman Tobias Forge revealed he was a ‘poor performer’ in school in a new Overdrive interview.

“When I look back on that and realize what [my mother] helped me do, most people don’t get that break. Most people who are in a relationship and are grown up, with children, just don’t get a pass like that.

Of course, my Mother also was a huge support for me. When I was in school, she was very saddened that I was such a poor performer and we went to many of the school teacher meetings where there were saying things like; “What can we do to aid you?” [Laughing] and my Mom was like [crying sound] “I don’t know what you want to do with your life“.

Meanwhile I’m over there in the corner being obnoxious, telling teachers to ‘go fuck themselves.’ My Mom had to deal with a lot of worrying and hoping that life will fall in place for me. And by 2010 she was finally beginning to think; ‘Maybe this ‘rock’ thing is actually gonna work out!“, because I finally had a job and with two kids etc..”

“[Laughing] Yes, she’s been [to shows] and loves it. She is not an authoritarian. My Mom was born in the ’40’s and is very ‘arty.’ She was very much a part of the ’60’s generation. In fact, a little bit of side information for you. My Mom bought my first and my second guitar.”