Green Day & Blink-182 Fans Will Love The Blankz (I Just Want To) SLAM!


Photo by Joseph Cultice

The Blankz are back with their second EP and man, you better prep yourself for this. Coming off the recent release of the wildly fantastic “White Baby“, the five-piece punk rock juggernaut are ready to kick ass with (I Just Want To) Slam. With two blazing tracks, jam packed with brash punk beauty, super tight instrumentation and one of the best punk vocalists in modern music leading the way, (I Just Want To) Slam could be what launches The Blankz into the stratosphere.

Let me tell you- the title track is where it’s at. Like musical crack, once just isn’t enough. At 2:21, the track owns you at each second. It’s crazy, but there are hooks for days coming from all over the place. The vocal lines, the guitar work. But the synth really takes center stage from the word go. It’s spooky. It’s unexpected. And the synth solo is god damn glorious. The Blankz take a totally unique approach to their song-writing and that is what separates them from the pack. Those synth solos could have easily been up the middle guitar solos, taking their shape from the vocal melody. Not The Blankz. And that’s why they’re not your average punk rockers.

The spirit and intensity of The Blankz is rich in punk history. They sit at the front of the punk rock line, proudly waving the flag as the modern day ambassadors of punk rock. Their ambitious attack to releasing music only makes them all the more appealing. They’re driven. They’re determined. And they’re ass-kicking brand of rock is fresher than 99% of what you’ll hear on your local rock radio station.

What’s awesome about (I Just Want To) Slam is once August 10th comes, it will be available on yellow vinyl. That’s a great perk for vinyl lovers and just one more reason you need to check this band out. Produced by Chris Kirkwood, the EP will be available via Slope Records. Don’t be the last one to the party! Check out The Blankz and (I Just Want To) Slam!