Green Day Movie With Big Stars Revealed?


A Green Day Facebook fan page has posted the following: Young actor Caleb Malis posted on social media two photos where he appears next to Billie Joe and Trè Cool. In addition to him, two other young actors appear, as well as actress Jenna Fischer, famous for her role as Pam in The Office.

The interesting thing is that Caleb writes “What a terrific Tuesday. This acting thing is pretty darn strong sometimes. super stoked to have been in this room and to get to work with all these amazing people, and to work with such an amazing band! Huge thanks to Lee Kirk for getting me into this! ”
Director Lee Kirk is the same from the movie Ordinary World, Billie is the protagonist. Also, in June of this year, Kirk had confirmed he’s working on a new project with Armstrong.

Fans have had several speculations:
– The actors in the photo could play the trio when they were young in a biopic.
– New music video for a song from the new album “1972”, about the beginnings of Green Day.
– The new 1972 album could be a visual-album, an audio-video product that combines with a music album the projection of a long video, or a set of them, that build on music a well-defined narrative. Like Beyonce’s Lemonade.

And what do you guys think?

This is currently just speculation, so follow us for any updates or confirmations!