Green Day Secret New 2022 Album Revealed?


Green Day are one of those bands that have varying opinions on themselves from fans from all around the world. Green Day have done the impossible before. In my opinion, no band has been able to create such a pinnacle record later in their careers quite like Green Day thanks to ‘American Idiot’ being their seventh album.

Green Day are now just about eighteen years removed from ‘American Idiot’ and on their thirteenth album at this point. Their newest record ‘Father Of All Mother******s’ has received less than stellar reviews from the public and music critics alike. Hardcore fans have enjoyed the record as it’s from their favorite band, and everyone is allowed to have an opinion. Every band works extremely hard to make new music, and I don’t like to judge music as my interpretation should never be a be all end all. I say go find out for yourself if you like it. If you do, great. If not, maybe find out what you do like about it even if the smallest amount.

That all said, we now have some rumors going around of Green Day releasing a new record as we head into 2022. The rumors are brought to us by Reddit and the fans of Green Day. It would make sense for the band to release a new record in the upcoming year as usual obligations for new records on record deals is about every two to four years since the last album was dropped. This makes sense from the business aspect of things.

Via Reddit, the following was found out about the possible upcoming record from the legendary trio: “Source from someone who met Billie this weekend (link at the bottom). While in the UK they recorded 6 new songs. Remember that Billie told a fan about the Longshot project and the FOAM album months before the announcement. So it’s pretty legit. Mike wasn’t in the UK tho because Britt isn’t vaccinated. So did he record the bass from home? Right now I have no idea. But I only post on Reddit when I’m sure about the source so you can believe me (like when I found out about the tracklist of Money Money Part II a week before it was released :P) Here is the link :

We will have to keep a watch for this to see if this becomes something bigger as fans are ready for more.