Rage Against The Machine In The Matrix Resurrections Video?


Rage Against The Machine haven’t really been in the news much at all in terms of music for what seems to be a very long time. Once the dominant force behind ‘woke rock’, they fell off after the band went their separate ways and did their own things. Of course, this wasn’t all bad as we were able to see Audioslave be born from the ashes of Rage Against The Machine. We all saw Prophets Of Rage come from this as well which has their own fanbase that enjoys what they do. It looks like Rage Against The Machine may be back in so many ways now as rumors are picking up.

Unfortunately, there is currently no new music from Rage Against The Machine, but there is music being used in the new Matrix film. The song in question is the famous ‘Wake Up’ which makes sense in the Matrix world. Again, sadly, there may be an issue for the most hardcore of Rage fans. The issue is that the song is reworked into an orchestral presentation rather than the actual song being used.

The trailer for the new Matrix film looks stunning and it looks like it’s going to be a great film overall. I just feel that the actual song would have been even better due to the message in the song and how well the ‘Wake up!’ part would go with Keanu Reeves and the Matrix series as a whole.

None the less, it’s great to still have the song shared around inside pop-culture and fans will still be able to recognize the keys to the song as well as the brass section that plays heavily about halfway through the trailer of the upcoming Matrix movie. Rage has not yet commented on any of this and we doubt they will.

Special thanks to the RATM Reddit for pointing this out.