Green Day Singer Spotted Kissing Male Rock Icon


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong posted an adorable photo on his Instagram stories of himself kissing his bandmate Tre Cool. He posted it with a Miami Vice reference caption, “Crockett and Tubs.” Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong recently debuted a bizarre new hairstyle.

Green Day have been quiet recently, though The Longshot have been playing live. This has led to some interesting discussions on the Green Day Reddit, with drummerinathong writing, “Anyone else just like that little noise Billie makes in some of the songs? I don’t have an exact way to describe it. It’s common in the older songs and it’s like a really fast exhale kind of thing. He does it very clearly in Armatage shanks, a super quiet one in the last seconds of Burnout, and a slightly more clear one before the chorus of Longview and various other examples exist. I don’t know how to explain it but I just really like the way it sounds. Honorable mention to the ‘HOOAAHHH’ before Tres solos in burnout.”

Montclare responded, “I knew exactly what noise you were going to say before I even clicked. 😀 Also, listen to the isolated vocals version of St. Jimmy for more weird noises.”

Green Day are rumored to be working on a new album, their first in three years. Green Day made a surprising Woodstock revelation a few months ago.