Green Day Singer Reveals Bizarre New Hairstyle


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong recently revealed a photo of himself with an awesome new hairstyle. He wrote, “Green(day)HELL #DEVILLOCK.” Howard Stern reacted to an employee dissing a Green Day member earlier this year.

Kerrang announced a few weeks ago on the radio that a new Green Day single was coming, but the band’s representatives shot down the rumor. Fans on are anxiously awaiting a new album.

That Dude said, “New Slipknot record is currently taking care of my music fix while Album 13 alludes me. Still taking it in, not sure how I feel about it yet but I have a good feeling about it after a few listens. The only thing I hate about it is the interlude tracks that don’t really add anything to the songs. 14 tracks, but only 11 are songs, and one or two of those barely have lyrics. Anyway.

Glad Green Day don’t do intros, interludes or waste run time on albums. Will they continue this trend on future albums? Hope so.”

michael1989 also wrote, “My hopes for next tour setlist.

Bring back some trilogy stuff. Even if they only play a couple songs each night it would be great to hear something from that era in the setlist. If the concern is those tunes aren’t well known then go with something that’s fast and easy to get into like Let Yourself Go.

Don’t mind if they drop most of the Rev Rad stuff. Keep Bang Bang but the rest can go. Forever Now is great live but I can’t imagine them keeping a song of that length in the setlist given it isn’t well known and it’s not the Rev Rad tour.

Less Dookie, more Nimrod/Warning/21CB/New album stuff. Very unlikely to happen but we’ve heard most of the Dookie stuff many times now and I’d be more interested in hearing their other songs.” Green Day made a Woodstock release announcement a few months ago.