Greta Van Fleet Buy Alcohol At Store In Bizarre Photo


A Greta Van Fleet Instagram fan page has uploaded a funny photo of frontman Josh Kiszka at a store buying vodka.

Kiszka discussed the band’s whirlwind rise to fame, and criticism from Pitchfork and Led Zeppelin fans, in a Rolling Stone interview earlier this year.

Kiszka swears he didn’t even read the Pitchfork review. “It’s unfortunate they’d be putting that energy out into the world, but it’s their prerogative, I guess,” he says. “Ultimately, I’d like to think that there’s substance to what we’re doing.” That said, he does think it’s time that people stop making the Zeppelin comparison. “Obviously we hear the similarity,” he says. “That’s one of the influences of ours. But at this point it’s like, ‘Okay, we’ve acknowledged that. Let’s move on.’”

Kiszka and his bandmates have moved on by beginning to think about their next record, even if they’re going to be busy touring for the foreseeable future. “We’re setting some ground work for the next album,” he says. “We hope to get an album out this year. This time, we feel less pressure than we did before the last one. We can’t wait to explore a little more of the Greta Van Fleet universe.”