Greta Van Fleet Member Filmed In Hotel Bed After Emergency


Greta Van Fleet drummer Danny Wagner has uploaded a new video to his Instagram stories where he is laying in his hotel bed as an emergency fire alarm message is going off in his room.

Wagner discussed Greta Van Fleet’s rise to fame with Paste Magazine.

“When we started this whole thing, it was definitely not on our radars because we grew up in this small town with radio as our source of music. There was a lot of classic rock on the radio and a lot of old music and a lot of different types of music. I think it just comes down to the songwriting. We all kind of share that in common. I think we all have a lot of similar influences going back even further than the ’70s and the ’60s.”

He added, “We attracted a lot of the older crowd at first because of the style, the execution, the fact that all of our instruments are plugged in… It catered to a lot of them. A lot of these parents brought their children to the shows, and that was their first experience—having been brought by the parent.”

“I think that’s such a unique relationship between a child and a parent because when you look at rock ’n’ roll back then, it was definitely a youthful cause. The parents weren’t so much into it… It really just goes to show that music does bring every single person together.”

Greta Van Fleet are currently on tour, with plans to release another new album later this year. The band performed on Saturday Night Live and won a Grammy earlier this year, with many calling them the saviors of rock and roll.