Greta Van Fleet React To ‘Weird’ And ‘Bizarre’ Comments From Rock Heroes


Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant discussed Greta Van Fleet and their strong similarities between his style and Josh Kiszka’s singing last year, jokingly telling Channel Ten (via Loudwire):

“There’s a band in Detroit called Greta Van Fleet, they are Led Zeppelin I. Beautiful little singer, I hate him!”

“He borrowed [his voice] from somebody I know very well, but what are you going to do? At least he’s got a bit of style, because he’s said he based his whole style of Aerosmith *rolls eyes*.”

In a new ABC 12 interview, Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka says the response to their emergence in rock in the last a year and a half has been overwhelming, not just from fans, but from artists they had been inspired by growing up.

“We’re in a situation within the industry, and within the musical world, where people now associate us and talk about us and that’s a bizarre thing right off the top,” he says. “It’s still is a bit weird because you don’t know how to interpret that.”

Even though just a few months after their debut EP release they were invited personally by Sir Elton John to perform at his Academy Awards after party, Kiszka says hes still just a kid from Frankenmuth.

“I think that’s the lovely thing about going home,” Kiszka says. “To them, you’re just the kid that grew up that still, so it’s nice.”

Those not from the area find the town fascinating, often asking one simple question.

“Tell me about Bronner’s, what about Bronner’s? And its like, its a Christmas store. That’s all you need to know, it’s the biggest in the world, next question,” he laughs. “But yeah, its that or the small town of Frankenmuth, people seem to be fascinated with that as well.”

  • Ken Krampert

    I like GVF’s style and sound. I dont care who or what anyone thinks about what they “stole” from who. All sour grapes if you ask me. Keep on keepin on Boys!!!! I dig what you do, and your music has given me hope for our youth and Rock and Roll!!!

    • SuperTroll

      Agreed. Everybody (or almost everybody) steals from everybody else in music. Even the greatest songwriters talk about doing it.

      • R Lee

        Maybe you and Ken should find a room.

  • Shara

    Saw them last night at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Awesome show!! Great to hear a young band with a singer who’s voice hasn’t fizzled out yet. That said, I’m totally stoked that there are rumors of a Honeydripper reunion ♥️

  • what

    Call me silly, I can’t get beyond GVFs name which sounds to me like a tribute band.

    • Ozy Butch Zoeller

      There actually is a Greta VanFleet in their home town.

  • BOBOMO16325353

    At least they’re playing rock n roll!

  • Eduardo Long

    I think the boy has the same voice from someone else,and it is not your fault. The rock songs are very good, and I feel good, too, listening GVF. I am 60 years old, and the songs of GVF, makes me feel young again, with tears in my eyes. Thanks GVF.

  • brian

    I here all kinds of influence in GVF songs Led Zeppelin BTO Aerosmith Yardbirds and I can go on !!!! but they play original material !!!!! so how can they be a tribute band ? even the stones riped styles off from early blues bands !!!!! remember they started as a blues rock band look it up and listen !!!!