Pearl Jam New Album Title & Cover Revealed


Pearl Jam will release their new album Gigaton in March 2020, with Pearl Jam Online reporting the title of the album on Friday after cryptic billboards started popping up around the world with what appears to be the cover art after some cryptic Pearl Jam social media posts. Every billboard has the word ‘Gigaton’ on it, in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle. A Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers members festival rumor was just revealed.

Elevation622 posted, “So if it’s climate change influence, we getting Of the Earth on the new album? If so, its guaranteed to have at least one good song!”

JBennett70 added, “Using the Gigaton filter on the picture shows animated polar ice melt with PJ heartbeat pulse, which is measured in gigatons. New album + climate change theme.”

Sobelberg8 said, “My wife seems to think that the three marker image that they released is supposed to be a raindrop, a flame and a deer hoof. The last one connects the dots in coordination with the latest Ten Club shirt release. Gigaton is a climate change album that absolutely must have Of The Earth on it.”

MDGSolo chimed in, “Nice work, so far band and crew! Excitement generated, check. Great artwork, check. Can’t wait to hear the music!..and to all of those people already complaining- I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be you. I really hope you’re not standing next to me at the shows! Rock on everybody!”

BizzyBozzy responded, “People are welcome to their feelings. Let’s meet them with compassion and not impoliteness. I agree with your sentiment that it’d be wonderful if everyone could see the positive instead of the negative and not project their own discomfort or suffering which only creates a similar feedback loop. The more we can meet them with compassion the better this world will be, and I think the band would agree.

P.S. Yay for a fun and weird and confusing and community-activating day. Looking forward to more info, rock on!” Pearl Jam’s 2021 tour plans were recently revealed.