Greta Van Fleet Reveal How They ‘Studied’ Led Zeppelin Riffs


Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka discussed ‘studying’ Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s riffs, along with many other legends, in a new interview with Masanori Ito. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed his comments.

Jake said, “It was, you know listening to Elmore James, trying to play the slide and listening to Muddy Waters and all of those blues guitar players. That sort of got me into the British Invasion or you know how the English have interpreted a lot of the American blues music and just see the translation. So, I just did non-stop studying from people like Eric Clapton in his prime and As well as Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher and endless amounts of those.

I think it’s a culmination of a lot of those influences that sort of became over a period of time more my voice. You know, a connection of all these people and to find that sort of articulation applying – all these riffs from each person source started blending together and sort of became my style of climb. So yeah, that’s a never-ending journey I suppose.”

Greta Van Fleet have postponed their European tour after singer Josh Kiszka failed to cover from the upper respiratory infection which led to the earlier cancelation of the band’s dates in Australia.

“Dear European fans, we have some sincerely unfortunate news regarding our upcoming shows February 22 – March 17 and must announce a complete reschedule to this fall.

“A year and a half of constant touring has been both invigorating and exhausting. Josh currently has a relentless upper respiratory infection that has not yet had the chance to heal. His doctor has required extended rest as the only path to full recovery.

“It now feels necessary for the entire band to recalibrate our balance, both physically and mentally. Rather than continuing on to more performances and exacerbate things further, we have made this decision in order to give you the full Greta Van Fleet experience when we meet again.

“All tickets for the upcoming shows in the next month will transfer to the rescheduled dates. There is no need to do anything other than hold on to your current ticket to attend the rescheduled show. Refunds are available at point of purchase should you not be able to attend.

“We are heartbroken in sharing this setback with you and hope you can understand this painful decision. It will be extremely satisfying to reconcile this calamity by making the most of our time together in a healthier state. All dates are listed below. For the cities that have not been assigned a date yet, we are waiting on venue availability, but will have them confirmed and announced tomorrow. Every show missed will take place, that is a promise. We are tremendously grateful for your patience.”