Greta Van Fleet Singer Kissed By Girl In Photo


Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka’s love life has mainly been kept secret from the media, but a beautiful girl was recently photographed kissing him after a show as he held her back! Howard Stern recently reacted to the Greta Van Fleet Woodstock being canceled.

aroney posted on the forums how Greta Van Fleet were discovered, “Short version:

“They’ve been playing together for years (3 brothers). In fact, they crowd-sourced (mainly family and friends) their early demos/vids. This was around 4-years ago and they are out there if you want to find them.

Jason Flom of Lava Records, heard ’em, liked ’em, signed ’em. The guy is an old-school pro, well-connected in the biz, knows how to promote bands, and has a professional team.

They re-recorded some of their early stuff (Highway Song) and put out the first EP.

Highway Song really got them noticed and took off and, despite the hate in this thread and others, people actually LIKED it and the band. Plus, they had a good story – kids just out of high school from a small town – Frankenmuth – who love classic rock etc. The weird band name actually helped too.

They did a short tour opening for the Struts and have toured almost non-stop since – moving to bigger venues and crowds. Second EP (brilliant strategy and one I think they should have stuck with – 4 new songs at regular intervals is smart marketing these days) did well too.

Enough people like ’em that they’ve been successful so far. That’s it.” Greta Van Fleet were recently stunned by a big name plagiarism claim.