Greta Van Fleet Singer Shows Off Abs In New Photo


Greta Van Fleet have shared a new photo showing off frontman Josh Kiszka’s abs on their Instagram. The band wrote, “Another trip around the sun.”

Danko Jones recently told Loud Magazine, “Well, listen, I don’t fault them. They’re young guys, they’re doing their… They’re a rock band and it’s great that a rock band is getting some sort of attention. Because God knows no one else is on that level. There’s Volbeat, but there’s a huge drop-off after Volbeat and Greta Van Fleet. But Greta Van Fleet has attracted a real divisive crowd; you either love ’em or you hate ’em.

The only criticism I would level at them is the fact that they refuse to acknowledge the influence that Zeppelin has on their music. And I think that’s what is pissing a lot of people off. Just say you sound like Zeppelin, and all is cool.

Another thing that bugs me about Greta Van Fleet, and it’s not about the band, it’s more to do with the fans and the music listeners in general. There was a band called Kingdom Come from Germany, and they sounded exactly like Led Zeppelin. Exactly like them. They did the same thing, where they refused to acknowledge that Zeppelin was an influence, and they got roasted alive. And they ended up disbanding, (although) I think they’re back together in some form. But that’s what I mean. And I also feel that people should get into Kingdom Come if they’re going to get into Greta Van Fleet. I mean, come on. So I created a hashtag, called #justiceforkingdomcome.

That’s pretty much my take on the whole thing. It’s like, hey, if you sound like Zeppelin and you guys can pull it off and you’ve got the chops, and you’re coming up with original, new songs, just say you listen… Say Zeppelin’s a big influence. For us, I’ll say it, I’ll do it – AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, the Misfits. These are all heavy influences on us. Right off the top, there. I did it, boom, done, let’s move on. See how easy it is? (laughs)”