Grunge Singer Reveals Band ‘Didn’t Deserve Success’


Candlebox are a band that we haven’t heard much from it what seems like years. Aside from a remaster of their biggest album to date, the band has kept it pretty lowkey, especially their singer. Candlebox was part of a very weird time in music where if you weren’t actually “grunge” at your core; then you were a poser.

This wasn’t the only time this happened though as the same thing happened again in the early 2000s when hardcore and metalcore music went huge along with emo trends. Now, years removed from the situation, Kevin Martin is opening up about what it was like to step in the grunge shoes for Madonna’s record label at the time.

In a recent interview via BlabberMouth, Kevin made it very clear that he doesn’t feel he really deserved the instant success that Candlebox had.

Kevin stated the following: “No, man. I’m not prolific at all. I probably don’t deserve the success I’ve had. [Laughs] I don’t work very hard at it. And that’s a terrible thing to say, ’cause when I’m in the studio, I do. But I don’t look at music that way. I don’t have that desire. I guess it probably stopped… When I met my wife Natalie is when I really lost that kind of drive to just produce music every day.”

This does seem to make sense, however. It’s often when someone doesn’t try extremely hard is when things actually get done because then there’s not much room for them to overthink things. We have to agree with Kevin here and he was definitely put in a better position than most straight off the get-go.

This of course doesn’t take away from his talent, but it’s nice to see how real he is about the entire situation and the career that he has had.