Guitar Icon Tells Chris Cornell’s Bandmate How ‘You Can Still Have A Relationship With Him’


Chris Cornell’s former solo guitarist Pete Thorn discussed guitar icon Steve Vai telling him a beautiful way to remember Cornell in a recent YouTube post.

“I wanted to share something amazing. I got to sit with Steve Vai last night for a bit, after he played at the Malibu Guitar Festival. I’m so glad I went- I wasn’t going to, but I made myself go. He was so kind. This is a guy that I have looked up to since I was 12 years old, he’s kind of a beacon of light in this business- in music- how to live your life as a creative person and be successful.. he should write a book.

Anyways, he sat with me and told me he knew I was close with Chris, and said “you know, you can still have a relationship with him- when you think of him, just try and smile.. it’s too soon now, but as soon as you can, try and smile when you think of him, because it will automatically make you think of good memories, the good times with him”.

I really needed to hear that last night and it’s such great wisdom. And I think we should all try and do that. Thank you Steve Vai from the bottom of my heart.”