Guns N’ Roses Debut New Song “Absurd”


Guns N’ Roses perform a new song called “Absurd” at Fenway Park in Boston. Axl said some may have heard it under another name before performing it. The song is a reworked version of “Silkworms” which leaked online and was performed live in 2001. After performing the track, Axl said, “A new Guns N’ Roses song, you heard it hear first.”

Birks Music commented on YouTube, “I’m upset Axl removed “What can I do? With a bitch like you”

But its nice to hear something different. The yelling of “absurd” sounds weird to me. I know they played it in 2001, but I feel this song was part of the “leaked songs” back then also. I could be wrong.”

João Mosimann said, “This is the way Axl should sing. It sounded amazing considering is their first time playing this song since 2001.”

No Name wrote, “well that explains why i couldn’t recognize the song, i was outside listening and was like wtf is this? btw civil war rocked as axel/whistle and slash/ax.”

Mango SLO said, “Not a new song at all. It was previously called The Silkworms and was played back in Rio 2001 :)”