Puddle of Mudd Make Bold Medical Announcement To Fans


Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scanlin discussed the COVID-19 vaccine in a new Audio Ink Radio interview.

He said, “I hope I can keep touring. And I am definitely gonna go in the studio and record the next Puddle of Mudd record. And, basically, pray that this freakin’ weird thing” — referring to the pandemic — “goes away finally and forever.

“Everybody should really seriously just go and get vaccinated,” he continued. “Some people have this thing that I call ‘invincibility syndrome disorder’ — the ISD disorder. People think that they’re invincible and, ‘No, no, no. This will never happen to me. No, no, no.’ And, it’s, like, bam. You’re dead. You’re on the floor. And you’ve infected other people that were caring to you. And all of a sudden, now they’re dead on the floor.

“Be responsible. And I mean this: be responsible. And go get vaccinated. Don’t skip the next vaccination appointment. Just get both of ’em. They’re very simple. I’ve done it myself. It’s right down the road from wherever the heck you actually you live at… Seriously, just go get vaccinated, man. Don’t act like some kind of a freaking, you’re better or bigger or tougher or wherever, because a lot of people have died, man.”