Guns N’ Roses Finally Reveal If They Plan To Release New Music


Guns N’ Roses manager Fernando Lebeis said in new forum posts on MyGNRForum that he is ‘sure’ there will be new music from the reunite band.

edsonandhudson said:

Don’t you think the misinformation is in part GNR’s fault? I mean, you guys basically disappear until you have something new to sell. It’s been 10 years since CD. Slash’s return was great but he’s now preparing for a new Conspirators release. People are confused. Some of them express themselves with anger, some are trolls, some are clueless fans who hate the fact of being clueless.

Fernando said:

You can place blame, you may be right or you may be wrong, depends on who you ask or how much a person knows.

I don’t feel that it’s right that you only hear from us when we have something to sell, we try and voice any and all accomplishments or future endeavors. Be a tour or an award. (Award, be a contest winner or a fun activity.)

Towelie said:

Now that’s a question I’d like a genuine answer to. You’d think Axl would want Slash to be stockpiling his best riffs/ideas for the next GNR album, wouldn’t you?

Fernando said:

The entire band is very supportive of one another.

MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle said:

Hi, Fernando. Thanks for stopping by to clarify things. I know this is a long shot, but hey, worth a try, since you’re here and all. Are you able to give us any indication if there’s new music from Guns on the horizon? Near or distant future? Even a hint? We’re love to know.

Fernando said:

That’s the question, eh! We just released a brand new single!

Yes, I am sure there will be.

soon said:

Hmmm, is that how you raise concerns with people you respect? Is that how you raise concerns with you colleagues at Live Nation? Is that how you raise concerns with Axl? I doubt it.

You’ve punched-down here, dude.

But by all means clarify what you meant for “the rest” whom you say didn’t understand your tweet?

Fernando said:

I don’t have to raise any concerns with Live Nation or any colleagues because we have an understanding of being productive and constructive. Do you fail to see any truth behind what I said?

How I speak with Axl or the rest of the guys is obviously different than me typing on a social media outlet.

I do apologize for the number of fans within all communities that failed to understand my tweet and automatically assumed being personally attacked.

I feel if we keep talking about this it’ll end up on a never cycle of my thoughts versus your thoughts and we would both go mad.