Nine Inch Nails Scalper Arrested At Venue: ‘He Got Hauled Off’


Nine Inch Nails’ Cold and Black and Infinite 2018 North American tour tickets went on sale on Saturday. The tickets went on sale in person as the venues, with huge lines reported. A scalper bought $500 worth of tickets in Dallas at The Pavillion at the Toyota Music Factory and attempted to sell them for $300 per ticket, and he was hauled off and cited with a criminal trespass.

Trent Reznor discussed the tour in a new Beats 1 interview.

“My relationship with music was, I spent time with it. I thought deeply about it. I’ve listened to records thousands of times you know and it changed me and my appreciation of it. We are in a different era. That’s how it is now. But there is something to be learned from that and remembered. And I think there’s value to that that we bring into some of the things we do today.

We are doing a tour that is a result of a thinking quite a long time about do we want to tour? Pausing for second, how would we like to tour? You know we’ve played arenas many times, we’ve played clubs, we’ve played amphitheaters. We’ve done a lot of festivals. And we thought about playing a smaller venue where it feels intimate, and is kind of exciting. We’re not going to tour that much. We are not going to endlessly tour the rest of our lives, it’s pretty safe to say.

We have families, we have other things that interest us. I’ve done it for most of my life. It’s not something I want to continually do, so if we are going to do it let’s try to make it something that plays into this idea that it’s more than just a thing like all the other things. How we make that a communal experience? I miss going to Tower Records at midnight to get a new album that I’ve been looking forward to and when I’m in the store I see a hundred other people that love the same thing I love and they’ve got the same T-shirt. And there’s a community I love walking into amoeba now and seeing a room full of people, everybody in there loves music. They’re not there to buy a washing machine with some CDs in front. They’re there because they’re into music. And that feels like a temple for the for the career and the passion that’s driven my entire life. I relate to music. It gives me goosebumps to think about. It has defined meets help me figure out who I am. I’ve been able to communicate and understand myself and the world through the lens of music. There’s a place you can walk into other people seem like they might feel that way. We felt largely inspired by LCD Soundsystem’s show at the Palladium. You know they could’ve played at the forum but chose to play a bunch nights in a smaller room and we went there and we left talking about it for a week.

We like LCD but we were blown away by it, it just felt good and it was exciting and it was right there and everybody was into. We thought we want to do something in the world of that, where it feels like if you get in to see the show, you get a unique experience. You are not in a roe a million you know with the security guard staring at you because you’re not supposed to stand up on you know. So we just try to play up the idea of this experience that isn’t going to be around. And if you do go. And we knew by saying that this is all referring to we’re saying if you want a ticket just show up at the box office and hand somebody money and you’ll get a ticket. And if you are the first person in line you want to be in the front row. There’s no bots taking his tickets. You’re in line. Get it.

And I knew that would irritate some people and it has irritated some people and it may not work and it maybe something that we hadn’t thought of you know. But the idea is that and this kind of abstract explain it’s part of the show part of the experience is getting that ticket and being around people that are also there to get that ticket you know. And we’re going to do some things we think will make that experience pretty good. We haven’t spelled out yet. So that you might be pleasantly surprised. And it’s not as convenient and I get it if you live in bump fuck wherever you can’t get it. I’ve heard of seen them all seen all the. You know I get it. But I grew up bump fuck Egypt and I didn’t get to go to shows in New York City now and I missed out. I’m still pissed off I didn’t see Kiss when I was 15. You know but I didn’t get to go. Sorry about that. But this is just we’re going to try this. That’s all.

I think in a in a culture now where everything’s on demand and everybody’s entitled everything. Some things need to feel a little more special. All experiences are being reduced to an online interaction. You know there is a real world and I’m not trying to be the Luddite. It’s you know anti technology, far from it. But there is some there is a reasoning behind our madness here. We think it will work and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. We won’t do it next time if there is a next time. That is what we chose to do this time.”