Guns N’ Roses Forbidden By City To Perform Late: ‘A Curfew Should Mean Something’


The city of Foxboro will not be putting up with any late Guns N’ Roses performances when the band comes to Gillette Stadium next month. The Sun Chronicle is reporting that the Foxboro local selectmen have turned down Gillette Stadium’s (not GNR’s) request to perform after the 11:15PM town curfew.

Selectwoman Ginny Coppola objected to the concerts’ ending times of 11:40 p.m., a full 25 minutes past the curfew.

“This is on a Tuesday and a Wednesday,” Coppola said. “If this was a weekend, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But it’s a work night.”

“This isn’t going to be an acoustic evening. It’s going to be loud.”

Resident Tracy Vasile noted the loudness of a Guns N’ Roses concert, speaking after Coppola asked for comments from the audience.

“A curfew should mean something,” said Vasile.

It was noted that Taylor Swift was granted an 11:40PM end time for her concerts at Gillette Stadium last year, although those were on weekend nights. Guns N’ Roses shows are on Tuesday and Wednesday (July 19-20). Guns N’ Roses have performed in a timely fashion at their 2016 shows so far, and Axl Rose has been right on time with AC/DC as well.