Guns N’ Roses Icon Reacts To Awful KISS Snub


Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan was interviewed by pro wrestling icon and AEW wrestler Chris Jericho on his podcast, Talk is Jericho. Here, McKagan and Jericho reacted to former KISS drummer Peter Criss’ snubbing on their farewell tour. AlternativeNation transcribed McKagan and Jericho’s comments.

Jericho: I just saw KISS a couple times at their Farewell Tour.

Duff: Yeah, yeah I saw one of those shows.

Jericho: Amazing show, still some old school guys bitching. For example, Peter Criss. Peter Criss couldn’t do that show. It’s nothing against him but it’s as you said the gig shape is not the same. There’s a two hour show, a three hour show, you have to be playing the whole time – you have to be practicing a whole lot and ready to go. So I can see that, a guy who has been off for years, I don’t even know where he is or if Criss even was considered but it’s hard to come back and jump right into it even if you wanted to in the first place.

Duff: Right.

Jericho: You really have to go to the treadmill and do all that other stuff – practice eight hours a day.

Duff: Also have the mindset to really be: “we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it right and we are gonna do it for a while.” Going out and leaving your home for twelve weeks at a time or whatever it is isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. You and I have been touring, we know how to juggle family, flying back to Tampa tonight, flying to Liverpool for a day and flying back home. You’re in Los Angeles today, you know how to juggle your kids, your wife – not juggle, that’s not the right word but you know how to schedule things so your family is at the top of everything. However you gotta do these shows, it’s a hole, almost military campaign to get this thing together so that everybody’s cool. If you’re not prepared to do that it’s going to be very hard.