Guns N’ Roses Icon Reacts To Bandmate Trashing Reunion


Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Tracii Guns has reacted to his L.A. Guns bandmate Phil Lewis criticizing Guns N’ Roses for not releasing anything good after Appetite for Destruction, and for not releasing one new song in the three years since they reunited.

Tracii Guns tweeted, appearing to respond to the comments, “35 years into the hairmetal game it’s ridiculous for anyone to knock each other . We are all aging rockers who are fortunate enough to continue to play and make records . We should all be grateful and keep our negative Bullshit opinions to ourselves. Long Live Rock !!!”

Asked by the Thorn Of Rock radio show if L.A. Guns ever felt overshadowed by Guns N’ Roses, Lewis said, “Well, yeah, of course. Guns N’ Roses were a phenomenon, and they were a band that were in the same place at the same time. We shared personnel. Tracii [Guns, L.A. Guns guitarist] had been involved with both bands.

“We did good. L.A. Guns did really, really good. We got gold records. We did incredibly well. But it was never enough. Compared to Guns N’ Roses, it was one percent, and that’s a little bit frustrating, of course.”

“The difference between us and Guns N’ Roses is they had one album. And people are gonna be mad at me for saying this. ‘Appetite For Destruction’ is a masterpiece, but everything else isn’t — everything else is pretty average. Now, we just carried on. We just went one album after another, interesting albums. And now with this reunion [between me and Tracii], we’ve been together for three years and we’ve already put out three records — we’ve put two studio and one live record. Guns N’ Roses hasn’t written one song.”