Guns N’ Roses’ Lavish Hotel Accommodations Revealed: ‘We Have Our Own Floors’


Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan was interviewed by Chris Jericho in a hotel room. Alternative Nation transcribed some quotes.

Duff said, “This would be my floor.”

Jericho responded, “This is literally your floor, so the other guys are on other floors at this place?”

Duff said, “We do get kind of the same rooms, so it will be three floors in a row. We’ll be one on top of each other.”

Jericho responded, “We’re in room [919], that’s the room Duff was in. So Slash would be 18, or whatever?”

“We were hanging out last night in the lounge of the Fairmont Hotel in Winnipeg.”

Duff said, “Which I call the fancington suites. Any place we stay is always the fancington.”

Jericho and Duff discussed GNR members’ security detail, and Duff mentioned that eBayers is one reason they have them.

“North America is more eBayers. It’s brutal.”

“They know what flight you’re on.”

“There’s got to be money exchanged there. American Airlines sells their information for sure. Everytime you land JFK on American, they’re there. LA, same thing. Seems to be American more than others.

Certain hotels in Manhattan, like wow, I’m here for 12 hours. I’m not even spending the night here, how did you know I was going to be here? We’re not even playing a gig here. It happened last week, me and Slash were in Manahattan for 12 hours, and they’re there.”