Guns N’ Roses Legend Rips Chinese Democracy


Guns N’ Roses’ former manager Alan Niven recently discussed Axl Rose and GNR’s lack of new output in the last 30 years in a new Louder Sound interview.

Niven was asked, “Did you feel there was a lot of pressure going into the Use Your Illusion era following the success in the previous few years?”

Rose responded, “We’d sold over 8,000,000 units of Appetite in the U.S. by the time Use Your Illusion took shape. There was unbelievable pressure on everyone. As much as we would say ‘ignore expectation and just do what you do’, alone, at night, I know it pressed down on our consciousness. On top of that I’d have a belligerent David Geffen in my face, within inches … “when am I gonna get my record?” “When it’s fuckin’ done David.”

His hard stony eyes stare at you, and then he walks off in silence. He had to accept that I had saved a disastrous signing and that I would, eventually, deliver. No one else would. Just consider that they have delivered nothing for over thirty years. Chinese Demos is not a GN’R record. It’s a Rose solo record.” Guns N’ Roses have only recorded Chinese Democracy leftovers since reuniting in 2016.