Guns N’ Roses Manager Calls AC/DC Fans ’Selfish Idiots’ For Hating Axl Rose


Beta Lebeis, a member of Guns N’ Roses’ management company Team Brazil, got into it with some AC/DC fans on Instagram who are upset with Brian Johnson leaving the band and dislike Axl Rose. Alternative Nation has transcribed the quotes.

“I’m sure all of you wishes Brian would be there, but Brian is sick and for God sake, just appreciate what’s up there and stop being so selfish. Grow up and stop complaining. This is also about Angus and his mates, have some respect for them. Brian chose to leave due to health issues and Axl is helping his idol. I guess haters will always be haters and have nothing better to do than shit on other people.”

She wrote to another hater, “You are an idiot @guitar_boy111 and by the way, his name is spelled Axl.”

Rose’s performances with AC/DC this year have been widely acclaimed by fans and the press. He is currently touring with AC/DC in North America.