Eddie Vedder Helped Kings of Leon Avoid Break Up


In a new interview with Billboard, Kings of Leon discussed the band’s upcoming new album and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder.

These days all four Followills are married, and all but Jared are parents. They say the routines of ­marriage and fatherhood have been good for the band. (Caleb, who has a daughter, is married to Victoria’s Secret model and Taylor Swift squad member Lily Aldridge.) “Our kids are always together, they all go to the same school,” says Matthew. Jokes Nathan, “You can tell us apart from the other parents — we’re the ones smoking weed underneath the bleachers.” And if things start coming apart again, the Kings can always call on advice from buddies like Bono and Eddie Vedder. “I remember really early on, Eddie told us to never tour Europe for more than three weeks,” says Jared, “because that will break up your band.”

“He also said to chase summer around the world,” says Caleb. He pauses and cracks a big grin. “But we didn’t realize he was talking about a groupie.”