Guns N’ Roses Member Appears To Fire Singer


Steven Adler announced on his Facebook page that he has a new band for his upcoming Las Vegas show on August 24th. Ari Kamin is now the band’s singer, Tanya O Callaghan will be on bass, and Michael Thomas will still be in the band. There was no mention of Sean McNabb.

“One week from tonight!!! Come check out my new band! Hope to see you all there at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas!!! Vater Drumsticks Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Michael Thomas, Ari Kamin, Tanya O Callaghan.”

Constantine Maroulis was just hired as the new singer of Adler’s Appetite a few months ago, so his run was shortlived. It’s unclear why is out of the band.

Constantine was interviewed around the time he was hired in spring 2018 on the Appetite For Distortion podcast. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments about the new Appetite For Destruction 30th anniversary reissue.

“They should send Steven a fucking truck of them so he can sign them at shows in a gold sharpie that I will hand him, and we will take pictures in front of it, like I have anything to fucking do with it. I will be like totally, totally, this is my box set, it’s not a big deal. They’re like no, that’s your dick in a box, that’s not the box set, that’s just your dick.

But yeah, they should send Steven a fucking truckload of them, and he should be promoting it as well. I think this is a story about redemption. Those are his brothers who he grew up with, and they are betraying him right now. He’s going to prove to them that A. we sound better than them and B. it’s not Guns N’ Roses without Steven Adler on drums.”

Listen to “Ep. 62 – Constantine Maroulis, Adler's Appetite/American Idol” on Spreaker.