Seattle Legend Reveals Why Chris Cornell Was ‘Difficult To Know’


Former Tad bassist Kurt Danielson discussed being around Chris Cornell during the early days of the Seattle Grunge movement on ‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of Chris Cornell’ on Reelz Channel, and his take on Cornell’s shy personality.

“Although he projected an image of confidence, face to face in person, he was shy. Very sensitive, vulnerable, difficult to know.”

Photographer Ken Settle said about his onstage presence, “He seemed his most comfortable when he was just singing his heart out in front of the band. He was made to be in that moment onstage.”

Journalist Matt Diehl, who interviewed Cornell for several hours during the Euphoria Morning era, discussed his first impressions of Cornell when he met him around 1999.

“When you meet Chris Cornell for the first time, you have to remind yourself that it’s Chris Cornell because he is so unassuming, he almost fades into the background. He almost wanted to fade into the background.”

Cornell died by suicide in May 2017, though he was on the prescription drug Ativan at the time, which his family believes played a role in his death. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or find a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting at if you are struggling with addiction.