Guns N’ Roses Member Joins Alice In Chains In Video


It has come to light that on October 16, Alice in Chains closed off their tour with a spectacular performance in support of Guns N’ Roses. Leaving their stage in style, they played a special edition of their legendary hit “Rooster.”

For the occasion, the band invited Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, who donned a LesPaul in cherry sunburst and joined the duo of Jerry Cantrell and William DuVall in a chorus of electric guitar soundwaves.

Jerry Cantrell thanked fans of the band, the crew, GNR, and Duff McKagan in an Instagram post, saying:

“That’s a wrap folks! Thank you to our kickass crew, GNR, and of course all of you who came out to throw down with us. Really solid and fun bunch of shows. We were honored to be joined by the great @duffmckagan on our last song of the last show to Rawk Rooster!”

The “thank you” and the closing song choice appear particularly poignant when the history of “Rooster” is considered – Cantrell wrote it in tribute to his father, a veteran of the Vietnam War, whose nickname was chosen for the song title. And the emotion shows in the melody, the lyrics, and in all live performances of the number.