Creed Full 2024 Reunion Tour Revealed?


Creed teased a massive tour announcement during a recent press conference at a Texas Rangers game.

It has been noted that The Rangers have found some inspiration from an unlikely source during their postseason run—the rock band Creed, who had quite a run in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Texas has been playing Creed songs before games, and they had seemed to help motivate the team to win. Well, until Wednesday night, that is, as they lost their first game of the 2023 playoffs, falling at home to the Astros, 8–5, in Game 3 of the ALCS.

Creed attended the game and shot this video from the stands, with lead singer Scott Stapp saying “Go Rangers!” and then following that up with “Go MLB, baby!,” which was kind of awkward.

Coincidentally, the Rangers began using Creed’s music in the locker room to hype up their team. They would play their music in the locker room before games and would get hyped after fans would sing the songs as well. During October 18’s game, the crowd sang along to the song “Higher” and gave the band an ovation when they popped up on the big screen. The band themselves posted a video from the stands as they cheered on the Rangers.