Guns N’ Roses Member To Play With Pearl Jam?


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard recently opened up about the late Soundgarden vocalist, Chris Cornell. He revealed how much he has been listening to different music by Chris Cornell lately. In addition to this, he recalled the studio experience with Temple Of The Dog as one of the best in his entire musical career, if not the best ever.

Stone Gossard talks about Chris Cornell

Interviewed by Radio WRIF, Stone Gossard recalled the times when Cornell lived with Andy Wood, the lead singer of Mother Love Bone, and how much he helped both him and Jeff out of grief over the death of their lead singer, going to record the songs that make up the Temple Of The Dog album . Gossard then added that Chris Cornell could be seen as the ” best singer of all time “.

He furthermore talked about a possible collaboration with Duff McKagan. In the same interview, Gossard was asked what he thought about Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan’s desire to collaborate with Pearl JamThe guitarist confirmed how much he respects the bassist of Axl Rose’s group, adding that it was he who, in the early 80s, influenced many bands of that music scene, first with the Fartz, then with 10 Minute Warning and with the Fastbacks.

Stone went on to say that while there are no plans on the horizon right now, he would be more than willing to collaborate with Duff in the future. Just a few months ago, McKagan took the stage at Eddie Vedder’s Earthlings concert in Seattle to play a cover of The Pretenders’ Precious with them.