Aerosmith Make Heartbreaking Cancer Revelation


While Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton overcame his throat cancer, the long term effects of radiation is sadly destroying his singing voice, as he has stated in a new interview that his singing voice is ‘fading fast.’ An Aerosmith member revealed the bold truth about Greta Van Fleet earlier this week.

Hamilton told Music Radar, “I have a collection of songs that I’ve been expanding for a long time. Most of them are close to being finished as far as lyric ideas, and I have a good friend who absolutely kills on Pro-Tools and Logic, so I have pretty good demos. Some could possibly be Aerosmith songs, and a lot of them probably couldn’t. We put out an album called Music From Another Dimension! in 2012, where I was able to fulfill some of my musical dreams. I wrote a song called Tell Me, which was my first time writing lyrics and hearing them being sung by Steven. It was so inspiring working with him when he cut the vocal.

“On the deluxe version of the album there’s a song I wrote called Up On The Mountain, which I actually sang as a duet with Steven. My first time ever singing lead on a song! So those two songs were the fulfillment of some dreams I’ve had for a long time. As far as the other material I have saved up, either it’ll become Aerosmith material and Steven will sing them, or I’m going to have to find somebody else to do it. I had cancer in my throat a while back, and they used heavy doses of radiation to get rid of it. The after-effects of that keep coming, so my ability to sing them is fading fast.”

Aerosmith have been busy this year with their ‘Deuces Are Wild’ Las Vegas residency shows. More recently, the band have been working their way east for tour dates, with a Minnesota performance reportedly almost being canceled after Steven Tyler made a request to a promoter. The band haven’t committed to a new album yet, but nobody has hinted at wanting to retire after Aerosmith appeared to be nearing its end a few years ago.

Hamilton’s cancer issues haven’t been the only health challenge for Aerosmith, as Joe Perry has had issues at Hollywood Vampires concerts and other shows in the last few years where he has had to go to the hospital. Joey Kramer missed a few shows in Las Vegas earlier this year, though he has recovered and is back on tour. Gene Simmons revealed a photo earlier this week of Steven Tyler with his wife.