Guns N’ Roses New 2023 Reunion Song Revealed


In a thrilling turn of events, Guns N’ Roses has been delighting fans by resurrecting long-forgotten tracks and unveiling unreleased treasures during their recent live performances. And it seems that another captivating song might soon grace the band’s setlist as a new tune.

As reported by UG, Just before their highly-anticipated concert in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 5th, Guns N’ Roses gave fans a tantalizing glimpse into their soundcheck routine. The group chose to rehearse what appears to be an unreleased gem from the “Chinese Democracy” era, aptly titled “Perhaps.”

Thanks to, EstrangedRose, we were able to uncover multiple fan-captured videos capturing this magical moment when Guns N’ Roses breathed new life into a forgotten melody. Despite not making it to the official setlist that night, “Perhaps” left an indelible mark on everyone who witnessed this exclusive performance.

“Perhaps” was born out of the band’s notorious marathon songwriting sessions during the making of “Chinese Democracy.” A rough demo version of the track eventually found its way onto the internet, whetting the appetites of die-hard fans craving more musical brilliance from the iconic rockers.

For those eager to experience this hidden treasure, we encourage you to watch the thrilling footage of the soundcheck below:

As we eagerly await the day when “Perhaps” will officially grace the stage, Guns N’ Roses continues to captivate us with their unparalleled talent and their unyielding dedication to their craft. Their willingness to revisit and resurrect these deep cuts is a testament to their commitment to providing fans with an unforgettable musical experience.

So, fellow fans, let us revel in this exciting moment and keep our hopes high for the day when “Perhaps” claims its rightful place in the band’s live repertoire. Until then, let us cherish the memories and eagerly anticipate the future surprises that Guns N’ Roses undoubtedly have in store for us.