Slash Drops Guns N Roses Movie Bombshell


There have been lots of movies that document the incredible careers of artists and bands alike. When you think about bands that are deserving of a movie based on their triumph, Guns N’ Roses should be part of the list that pops into your head. Sadly, all hands may not be on deck to make this happen.

Slash is known for having a lifelong love of film, he even did the soundtrack for and served as a producer on the new horror film The Breach. Although, he recently revealed that music biopics just aren’t his thing much at all.

As said a handful of times, it’s no surprise that Guns N’ Roses have collectively declined opportunities to explore a film about their career, and even Slash himself was offered a movie deal back in 2007 after his autobiography was published.

Slash would state about the movies that could possibly be about the band: “We’re sort of just not interested and I can’t imagine trying to find some actors that can portray the band properly. I mean, rock ‘n’ roll movies suffer from being just super, super corny and unrealistic anyway, as a whole.”

Come to think of it, he may be right. Not many actors really fit the role for the band.

He continued: “There’s very few really good rock ‘n’ roll movies. So I would hate to sell ourselves out with some sort of script that supposed to depict our history. I don’t see it happening.”

While this does seem like a harsh reality, it does seem that the band are most concerned about the integrity of the band and how they would be portrayed in such a film if it were to ever come out.

There are a lot of misconstrued stories about Guns N’ Roses, and it’s clear that Slash only wants the truth out there.