Guns N’ Roses May Already Have New Album Recorded, With Surprising Lineup


Photo credit: Chiaki Nozu/Getty

MSL has discussed Guns N’ Roses followup to Chinese Democracy on GNRTruth, revealing that the album was actually completed before Slash and Duff McKagan returned to the band.

“Recording was done before Ron [‘Bumblefoot’ Thal] & DJ [Ashba] left, but not before Bucket[head] & Robin [Finck] left.”

He added, “It was finished before Slash returned. Wouldn’t be hard to add Slash to the record.”

He also wrote about the situation between GNR and its record label during the making of Chinese Democracy.

“There were times where the label did want Chinese out ASAP and the band wasn’t ready. There were other times the band was ready and the label said ‘keep working’ because they were hoping if they stalled long enough that Slash would return.”

“But either way, to successfully launch an album, a band and label need to be working in concert.”