AC/DC Icon Reveals How Disease Killed Bandmate


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade discussed Malcolm Young, who was killed after a battle with the horrible disease dementia, in a new La Verdad interview. An AC/DC icon reacted to being rehired after a drug arrest yesterday.

How was Malcolm Young’s death lived in the group in 2017?

“Malcolm is greatly missed in the band. In my opinion, he is the best rhythm guitarist.”

Although this will be your first visit to Murcia, you have already passed through Spain with other groups and not long ago with AC/DC. What do you think of the people here?

“What I can say is that after the experience with the Spanish people during the ‘Rock or Bust’ AC/DC tour, I honestly believe that they are the most passionate and receptive fans in music.”

Seeing the repertoires of previous tour concerts, you can see that variety, although it must be difficult to choose the songs. From Tom Jones, why did you choose to play ‘Deliah’? And AC / DC usually combines older songs like ‘Riff Raff’ and ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ with other more obvious choices, like ‘Highway to hell’ and ‘Thunderstruck’.

“We really like to mix and play those songs that are more popular. All those issues you say are true that are part of our repertoire. And as for ‘Deliah’, she thinks it’s a song that has played her until Bruce Dickinson, of Iron Maiden.” (An AC/DC icon messed up in a hilarious drinking video a few days ago)

james.missen97 posted a rare photo on Instagram taken of Phil Rudd a year ago, “Will always appreciate how much of a lucky person I was to meet Mr Phil Rudd outside his Tauranga House.”

An AC/DC icon revealed a ‘nonsense’ Angus Young demand a few days ago. gretschman79 commented, “Dude, he is the most reclusive member. I never see any fan pics with Phil. The one true AC/DC drummer. Do you live in NZ or just visiting?”

james.missen97 responded, “@gretschman79 live in NZ and would have been happy with just a pose outside his house. But then the upstairs door opened and this pic is the end result.”

You can read the full interview at La Verdad.