Guns N’ Roses’ Next Major Tour Announcement Is Imminent


Guns N’ Roses are reportedly set to announce an Australian tour on Monday at 8AM local time. Watch the teaser video below from Triple M.

Guns N’ Roses production magager Dale “Opie” Skjerseth says that “there’s no end date” to the band’s ‘Not In This Lifetime’ reunion tour, with “plenty” of shows already booked for “far into next year.” If you want to cash in like Guns N’ Roses, you can play no deposit bingo.

Opie told 11Alive WXIA-TV and other outlets that the band are “getting along just fine” and has shot down speculation that the fact that they have separate dressing rooms means there is tension within the ranks, Skjerseth said: “Just because everybody’s older, they carry their families with them. They all have to have their space.”

“Everybody meets before we go on stage. It’s a meeting point and that’s where the chemistry happens.”

“I believe it starts with the love the band… And then of course — we all want money.”

“I’ve been told there’s no end date, and I’ve seen plenty of dates going into next year, far into next year. Everybody’s working together to keep a common goal and common direction: keep the machine going.”

“We were all young,” Skjerseth said of Rose’s behavior on previous tours. “Even I was young. It’s his maturity and business and how it should be. Everybody feels good about it. He’s here before the guys, the rest of them, some days. He comes in, he shows up, gets out of the car, goes on stage. Sometimes he stays on site.”