Guns N’ Roses Performing For An Audience Of One Is Adorable


Guns N’ Roses recently performed a special soundcheck for an audience of one in Australia: Duff McKagan’s wife Susan Holmes-McKagan. Watch the video below, followed by video of Angus Young performing with Guns N’ Roses in Sydney.

KISS’ Gene Simmons dissed Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose in a new interview with Goldmine.

“You have to figure out that the person next to you isn’t you. So sometimes you don’t’ understand why I might have a different appetite than him. I make no excuses for having a record company and now a film company. Our first film was just finished and it stars Anne Heche, Wesley Snipes; it’s a good movie and I’ll be doling lots of them. I wanted to act and produce records and have a record company because I’m unapologetically insatiable. If I have an appetite for something I want it! But it is true, as other things take more time you don’t’ do your other stuff in KISS as well. So we do have a better relationship today because you live and you learn.

You understand that despite it all we both share a great work ethic, we show up on time and do the work and we never ‘Axl Rose’ our way out of anything. I think the same way a ‘Kardashian’ became a 72-day long time reference, I think Axl deserves that thing that could become a verb, ‘Don’t Axl your way out of this thing.’ I think that’s appropriate.”