Guns N’ Roses Recorded Song With Nirvana Title


The former Guns N’ Roses drummer Josh Freese discussed the GNR song “Chinese Democracy” having a working title that spoofed a Nirvana song in a new Appetite For Distortion interview, and said he didn’t write the ‘new’ song “Hard Skool.” Eddie Vedder Tour With Chad Smith Revealed?

Josh Freese opens up on the song sounding like Nirvana at first

He spoke about being in the studio over two decades ago when the song “Chinese Democracy” was not given that title.

Here is what he said, as transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“I think the working title was ‘Smells like josh spirit’ because I wrote it and the chords are really simple. It’s just like these kind of these three chords over and over and over. Someone at one point goes ‘this sounds like kinda cool like Nirvana riff or something’. It was titled ‘smells like josh spirit’ on the board where we had all the songs working on. [Axl Rose had not added] lyrics to it yet and that didn’t happen till after I left.”

He later revealed that when he listened ‘Hard Skool’, he was not able to recognize it, and doesn’t think he co-wrote it, but that he did write a lot of instrumental music with GNR during his days in the band, so it’s hard to remember.